Monday, March 12, 2007

Renovating for energy efficiency and helping the environment

The U.S. Green Building Council established the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (or LEED) Green Building Rating System to promote construction of environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings in 2001. Many builders are incorporating these environmentally friendly practices into new construction but have also found using the practices in renovation of older structures is just as attractive.

Cherokee CEO Tom Darden says "We need to be thinking about the environmental impact of what gets built and energy use and energy waste. This is one place where we thought we could do something about it."

News and Observer
March 12, 2007
Jack Hagel, Staff Writer

Old outside, green within
Tenants renovate space with energy efficiency and the environment in mind

RALEIGH - With its waterless urinals, motion-detecting lights and formaldehyde-free-plywood recycling bins, the future headquarters of Cherokee Investment Partners has all the earmarks of a brand new "green" building -- the kind more developers are touting these days as they get in touch with Mother Earth.

But the bones of the 21,500-square-foot office are anything but new. The office is in a sprawling brick building that dates to 1870.

Cherokee is among a growing number of tenants converting leased space in old buildings to environmentally friendly offices. Read more...

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