Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fuel from fat

A North Carolina State University professor is working to develop a process to make high-grade fuel from remnants of animal fat. The current procedure is extremely slow - the first months of work has produced about a teaspoonful of the product. Now the work turns to making another two cups of fuel over eight months to power a small engine and prove the concept.

The work has attracted enough attention to get funding to carry the project another step forward and then work on ways to make the process practical for real production. "This is going to be competitive with today's prices for jet fuel, which runs about $2 a gallon," Jeff Hassannia said. "More importantly, it represents a domestic source of fuel at a stable rate that comes from a renewable input.""

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Professor making fuel from fat
But the production is very slow so far

News and Observer
March 16, 2007
Tim Simmons, Staff Writer

Bill Roberts can't help but wonder whether his fame and fortune might be found in the greasy remnants of animal fat.

After eight months of work, the N.C. State University researcher has shown he can make high-grade jet fuel from fat that's not even fit to be called lard. Read more...

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