Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Simple ways to be green in home office

Whether working or relaxing there are many ways to be green in a home office. Recycling, replacing light bulbs, turning off electronics when not being used are a few steps you can take for starters.

Taking simple steps to use "green" ideas will reduce the cost of energy and supplies in your home office while you are reducing the impact on the environment. At first glance most of these are small items but the cumulative effect is worth the effort.
Better Homes and Gardens
November 12, 2007

How to Be "Green" in the Home Office
Published: 11/12/07, 2:36 PM EDT

Good: Print and copy on both sides of the paper.
Better: Use tree-free paper and recycle.
Best: Go as paperless as possible: send e-mails with attachments, write notes on a white board or in a computer program.
Bonus: Shred waste material for packing.


Good: Use the energy saver settings on your computer and printer.
Better: Turn off your computer at the end of the day.
Best: Unplug your computer (and other electronics) to keep them from leeching "phantom" energy -- electricity they draw even while turned off.


Good: Turn off all lights when you leave the room.
Better: Replace your lightbulbs with compact fluorescents or LED lights.
Best: Paint the walls of your office a light color to take advantage of natural light, preventing you from turning on the lights in the first place.

The Little Things

Good: Reuse paper clips or at least recycle them, otherwise all the extra metal goes straight to the landfill.
Better: Don't use rubber bands anymore -- they're made from crude oil and have serious health effects when they're incinerated at the landfill.
Best: Refill ink cartridges rather than buying new ones.

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