Monday, August 20, 2007

Even Carolina blue goes green

Green is even showing up where blue is the norm. UNC is stepping up efforts to build environmentally friendly buildings and turn toward green...

The Daily Tar Heel
August 20, 2007
Staff Reports

Carolina blue goes green

Green is good. Just ask Rameses, who was spotted donning a darker shade recently. Whether it's the UNC mascot or the extended community, green is a priority. Environmentally friendly buildings are popping up throughout campus and the town. Several high-profile projects also are getting the green light after years on the drawing board. Then there's the record-breaking amounts of money pouring into the University from the state and private sector, helping all Tar Heels put their greenest foot forward. Original article...

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X said...

It's true, there is a lot more happening in NC devoted to Green technologies. The question is, how do everyday people shape their communities into more sustainable environments? In fact, this is what the people at Greener Habits for Raleigh have been trying to do lately, granted on a more local basis.

In fact, why not move past 'sustainable' and move the debate towards a more pro-active ethos. Not just living with the environment, but developing systems and structures which actively promote environmental functions.

oh, and here's their site if you want to check them out []