Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Greenhouse emissions program

North Carolina is joining with other states in an effort to measure greenhouse emissions and get a better handle on how to work on global warming issues. According to Tom Mather, spokesman for the state Division of Air Quality, regulators don't currently require reporting of carbon dioxide but plan to begin doing so.
News and Observer
May 9, 2007
Wade Rawlins, Staff Writer

N.C. joint greenhouse emissions program

North Carolina has joined with 30 other states as charter members of the Climate Registry, a cooperative effort led by states to measure and track emissions of greenhouse gases.

The registry, a non-profit organization based in California, will provide a common accounting system for states, businesses and manufacturers to voluntarily report greenhouse gas emissions consistently across state borders and industry sectors.

North Carolina’s participation in the program is voluntary, but signals that the state is trying to get a handle on its greenhouse gas emissions. State officials now have only rough estimates of greenhouse gases emitted in the state. Read more...

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